Le Mie Quattro Sorelle

Cortiello at the age of twenty three won the huge honour of representing
Italy in the Venice Biennale of 1930. In 1936 and 1948 he had one man shows
at the Biennale, his standing as an artist was assured.

He moved to Paris in 1932 where he moved in elite artistic circles. His
friends included many of the avant garde painters of the day, Kokoschka,
Severini and Marinetti.

However there are no overriding influences of these illustrious friend’s
work in his painting. His work is gentle, a personal memory of a moment in

In the oil painting Le mie Quattro Sorelle painted between 1936 and 1984
Cortiello does just this. The scene is set in the small village of San
Sebastiano al Vesuvio, his birth place. He is the small boy standing in
front of the priests while his four sisters sit in a row watching the
discourse. His father, the waiter hovers anxiously, the young Cortiello is
in trouble. The volcano Vesuvius is seen in the background.

In 1981 Cortiello retired to San Sebastiano al Vesuvio. The dates on the
painting indicate that Cortiello completed this work, that he started twelve
years earlier, on his return home.

Oil on fine canvas in original condition 21 x 31 inches.