Philippe Cardillo

Philippe Cardillo

born Cannes 1969

Philippe studied at the Ecole d’ Arts Appliqués Nice and then from 1991 – 1996 in a famous atelier in Vallauris. It was in this studio that he found his individual style.

Last year he returned from a visit to Greece where he was inspired to paint the two still life paintings; Ahtènes, La Taverne and The Best Place in the World.

On the white table he harmoniously arranges simple objects and a delicious array of food.

A dish of rose pink taramasalata ,plates of black mussels and a perfect white fish make the simple table an object of desire. The strong composition is defined by the fluid charcoal drawing. The works are in part in high relief, he uses crushed silk, wool threads and paper to give the paintings great tactility.

The three Copper Mat Raku works are intriguing and beautiful. They are incredibly thin and delicate but are also masculine and edgy. The earth colour is lifted by the gleam of the copper oxide. They excite the imagination, are they the eggs of a prehistoric creature long hidden in the bowels of the earth?