Philippe Aird

Philippe Aird   born 1961    Stockport

As a small boy Philippe Aird had a curiosity and fascination with the world around him. He observed carefully and his early drawings and constructions showed great promise. His father George, a respected art dealer , encouraged his son and introduced him to many of the artists he knew.

L.S. Lowry a particular friend recognised Philippe's precocious artistic gifts and suggested that he should study art at Salford School of Art. Philippe was only sixteen when he began to study at Salford.

He won a scholarship to Chelsea College of Art and for many years was a fine art lecturer at Salford University.

Throughout his career Philippe has painted and experimented with different mediums. Although a modest and self effacing man he has always been sought out by serious art collectors.

In the eighties he was painting large lyrical airy landscapes, his father George had many clients eager to purchase these fine and accessible works.

Philippe changed tack and became an abstract artist leaving his father and his clients somewhat bemused. This volte face, showed his integrity as an artist. His 'paintings of the mind' were difficult to sell in the post Lowry era. The works of art on the website are the result of many years of experimentation and refinement of a complex form of art.

Philippe uses commercial powder dye suspended in P.V.A. medium, as well as conventional oil paint and varnish to create a sumptuous jewel like picture surface.

The forms that emerge are mysterious ; strange flowers, the suggestion of cell clusters and planets, in fact the work is no longer strictly abstract, more an eye to the heart of existence.