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Philippe Aird new works.
Friday, January 25, 2013

On a recent visit to Philippe’s Phoenix Studio in Manchester I was amazed by the power and energy of his recent work. He now also has a studio in the Philippines and divides his time between the two, working in such a different environment has added a vibrancy and a new dimension to his painting.
In the Beyond Triptych the lush foliage seems heavy with moisture and heat , the work is still abstract but with nature as the core inspiration.
Last year Philippe was commissioned by The British Airport Authority to paint a series of works for an exhibition in the VIP area at terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.
The show was a tremendous success, the actress Sandra Bullock being one of the VIP’s who bought work from the exhibition.
The B.A.A. have a collection of Philippe Aird’s paintings on permanent display in the VIP lounge at terminal 3.

Chelsea Art Fair - exhibiting Rupert Muldoon
Monday, April 30, 2012

I first met Rupert Muldoon in 2004 and admired his work from the start . His brave, wildly romantic landscapes so impressed me that I asked him to work towards exhibiting at my gallery. Inspired by the grandeur of his work I entitled the exhibition ‘ Heaven and Earth ’. This first exhibition in 2006 was a great success Rupert’s paintings were bought by serious collectors and discerning first time buyers.

Since that time Rupert has obtained a degree in architecture and worked on important projects in Zurich. Travel has broadened his vision and brought a maturity and refinement to his work.

In November 2011 Mallet of Bond Street exhibited his work. This one man show was a phenomenal success.

I was thrilled that Rupert asked me to exhibit a small selection of recent paintings at the   Chelsea Art Fair, held at the Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road.

The stand at Chelsea Art Fair showing Rupert Muldoon and a selection of the gallery artists.




Endre Roder Summer Portraits
Monday, October 11, 2010

This summer Endre painted my niece and my friend Didy's daughter Milli.

Portrait of Jade Neville Farmiloe

Jade and her brother Ally at the Roder Women are Beautiful Exhibition Cork Street

Portrait of Milli Metcalf

Milli and Rachel Henley at the Roder Women are Beautiful Exhibition Cork Street