Endre Roder

Endre Röder

Endre Röder was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1932.

He grew up in Malta and received a classical education in a Maltese seminary.

This Catholic education had a profound effect on the young man and his great affection and respect for women, the inspiration of his art, remains to this day.

He was the senior lecturer of Art History at Sheffield for a decade, these years as an academic did not prevent Röder from painting , he had many exhibitions and was a successful portrait artist.

Röder works with life models, often school girls, accompanied by their mothers attend Röder’s studio in Swanage . The young models provide the inspiration for his painting, as he says the finished work rarely shows a true likeness of the model.

Röder has a keen eye for current fashion trends as in the painting ‘Karen Sitting on the floor’, her hair extensions and pointy ankle boots make this not just a tender portrait but very much a contemporary comment on a cool, image conscious teenager.

In contrast Ping is a fantasy woman , a painting of the mind, chic and gloriously adorned with hair ornaments this iconic oriental is a work of high style. In contrast to the subtle tonal values of the portrait of Karen, Ping is painted in white , red and black, boldly executed with a square brush the energy of the work is inspirational.