Elisabeth Brainos

Elisabeth Brainos

When you study the artwork of Elisabeth Brainos you enter her beautiful world.

Perdika the country estate where she has lived from the age of four is a constant inspiration. On the outskirts of Vallauris, this wild and secret spot is filled with the sound of birdsong and the perfume of lavender and wild mint.

A gentle paradise a world away from the chi-chi glitz of the Golfe.

Brainos is a master in the old fashioned sense, her painting show her line drawing beneath the delicate oil glaze. She uses brown paper or a fine silk tissue paper which she then fixes to the canvas creating a textured 'marouflé' effect.

Her subjects are romantic, angels in gorgeous robes, knights in full courtly garb and young girls riding astride wearing fancyful 'party punk' creations.

Working as a sculptor she has broken new boundaries, her figurative ceramic work is complex. Her recent series of circus performers ride upon galloping horses, the balance of the sculptures appears effortless.

The bronze and crystal sculpture are unique works, the use of crystal and rose quartz and semi precious stones give the dancers an appearance of lightness and flight.

The paintings and sculpture may be viewed by appointment at Beaufort Mansions, Chelsea.